ReFourmation (Downloads PLUS EXTRAS) - Matt Gray

ReFourmation (Downloads PLUS EXTRAS) - Matt Gray

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The fourth album in the Reformation series featuring yet more classic C64 and Amiga game soundtrack remakes by Matt Gray.

ReFourmation Download PLUS EXTRAS Edition includes 25 full production versions of themes from classic C64 and Amiga games.

Full quality FLAC & MP3 downloads included and available to download upon purchase.

Released 7th March 2022

PLUS EXTRAS includes 24 bit 96kHz remasters, WIP mixes and alternate versions.

 EXTRAS downloads expected from 2024.


  • Ocean Loader 5 Loader
  • Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  • Physical Presence
  • Hawkeye (Main Theme)
  • Yie Ar Kung Fu II
  • Operation Wolf (Title Theme)
  • The Wildernesse Loading Theme (From The Last Ninja)
  • Duotris
  • Who Knows
  • Turrican 2 (Final Fight Theme)
  • Delta (Title Theme)
  • The Human Race (Chapter 4 Theme)
  • Palace Gardens Loading Theme (From The Last Ninja)
  • Mother (Dum Ikea CML Theme)
  • Turbo Outrun
  • Shockway Rider
  • Grand Monster Slam
  • Uridium 2 (Loading Theme)
  • Madness (In Game Theme)
  • Defcom
  • Blood Money (In Game Theme)
  • Test Drive 2 (Amiga Intro Theme)
  • Delta (Mission Complete Theme)
  • Times Of Lore (Title Theme)