Reformation 2 (CDs & Downloads) - Matt Gray

Reformation 2 (CDs & Downloads) - Matt Gray

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Follow up to Reformation featuring even more classic C64 game soundtrack remakes by Matt Gray.

Reformation 2 CD version includes full production versions of themes from International Karate, Green Beret Loader, The Wilderness and The Wastelands from The Last Ninja, Commando, Comic Bakery, IK+, One Man and His Droid, Trap, Lightforce, Kentilla, Monty On The Run, Ocean Loader 1, Flash Gordon and more.

Full quality FLAC & MP3 downloads included.


  • Green Beret Loading Theme
  • The Wilderness Main Theme (From The Last Ninja)
  • Comic Bakery Title Theme
  • International Karate Main Theme
  • The Great Giana Sisters Title Theme 
  • The Wastelands Main Theme 
  • Commando Main Theme
  • Ocean Loader 1
  • One Man & His Droid Main Theme 
  • International Karate+ Main Theme 
  • Terra Cresta Main Theme
  • Master Of Magic Main Theme 
  • Omega Cetus aka Autumn Breeze
  • Trap
  • Lightforce Main Theme
  • Thanatos Title Theme
  • Nemesis The Warlock Main Theme
  • Monty On The Run Main Theme
  • Holiday Morning 
  • Flash Gordon Main Theme
  • Stormlord Title Theme
  • Delta In-Game Theme
  • Kentilla Main Theme