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Reformation 2 (Double Vinyl Edition with CDs & Downloads) - Matt Gray

Reformation 2 (Double Vinyl Edition with CDs & Downloads) - Matt Gray

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Follow up to Reformation featuring even more classic C64 game soundtrack remakes by Matt Gray.

Reformation 2 Double Vinyl Edition Plus CD Edition includes full production versions of themes from International Karate, Green Beret Loader, The Wilderness and The Wastelands from The Last Ninja, Commando, Comic Bakery, IK+, One Man and His Droid, Trap, Lightforce, Kentilla, Monty On The Run, Ocean Loader 1, Flash Gordon and more.

Full quality FLAC & MP3 downloads included.

Note - Vinyl Edition ships Q2 2021 but downloads available on purchase. CD ships within 2 weeks.


  • Green Beret Loading Theme
  • The Wilderness Main Theme (From The Last Ninja)
  • Comic Bakery Title Theme
  • International Karate Main Theme
  • The Great Giana Sisters Title Theme 
  • The Wastelands Main Theme 
  • Commando Main Theme
  • Ocean Loader 1
  • One Man & His Droid Main Theme 
  • International Karate+ Main Theme 
  • Terra Cresta Main Theme
  • Master Of Magic Main Theme 
  • Omega Cetus aka Autumn Breeze
  • Trap
  • Lightforce Main Theme
  • Thanatos Title Theme
  • Nemesis The Warlock Main Theme
  • Monty On The Run Main Theme
  • Holiday Morning 
  • Flash Gordon Main Theme
  • Stormlord Title Theme
  • Delta In-Game Theme
  • Kentilla Main Theme