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Reformation 5 The Last Ninja (Double Picture Vinyl with Downloads)

Reformation 5 The Last Ninja (Double Picture Vinyl with Downloads)

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Reformation 5 The Last Ninja Double Picture Disc Vinyl Edition with Downloads - Matt Gray

The Last Ninja album as double picture disc vinyl edition. FLAC/MP3 download included plus downloads for Reformation 5 album.


  • The Last Ninja Album Double Picture Disc Vinyl Edition
  • The Last Ninja Album Downloads FLAC/MP3
  • Reformation 5 Album Downloads FLAC/MP3

Pre order for Reformation 5 The Last Ninja double picture disc vinyl edition of the fifth Reformation album in the popular series of C64 and Amiga game/demo music remakes.

This album is part of a Kickstarter crowd funded project and will be released from Oct 2022.

Downloads for TLN delivered Sept 2022 but physical vinyl will be an additional 7 months following digital album release due to increased vinyl pressing lead times.
Ref 5 album downloads will be delivered Oct 2023.

Pre order customers will receive the same regular Kickstarter updates as supporters on that platform on the progress of the album production.

Tracklisting TBC